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Our Story: Estephania & Sandra

Our Story: Estephania & Sandra

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This the continuation of a series of blogs about our kids.  Ripha interviews them and writes their story in their own words


I am Estephania, I am 17 years old. I am living with my mother and my sister Sandra. She is 16 years old. We went to the same school and we are in the same class. We help each other with homework. There are 6 people in my family. My mother, Sandra, 3 brothers and I. Our house has 2 rooms, We are living in 1 room and we share the other one with my Aunt’s family (My mother’s sister).  My brothers are living with our grandmother who is a farmer. Our father died when I was 1 year old while my mother was pregnant with Sandra.

Our life is not easy because mother has anemia and she stays in bed most of the time. I do laundry for the whole house. Sandra does dishes everyday before and after class. I clean the house and cook. I also do my hair, Sandra’s hair and some kids in the neighborhood hair for school.

We go to church every Sunday with our mother. Last week my mother, my sister and I have planted black beans and corn. When the beans and the corn will be ready we will share them with friends and neighbors,  and keep the rest for us. On vacation we went to grandmother’s house to help her make the garden with our brothers.

Sandra and I went out to get water to drink to do dishes, laundry and cook. We do not have electricity at home so we use a light we charge at the Leve Project house. We study everyday after class.  Our house is not comfortable when it’s raining water comes inside and also in the kitchen so we can’t cook.

By this time because of the rain there is mud everywhere on the street. On our way to school we wear flip flops so our shoes don’t get dirty. We bring water so we can clean our feet before putting shoes on for class and we take it off right after class to go home

We like coming to Leve Project because we always learning about Jesus doing crafts and how to live with everyone and also help one another. I am grateful and my family also for everything you have done in our life.

May GOD bless you and your family,

Estephania and Sandra

Our home

Inside of our kitchen

Our kitchen

Our mom is sick very often, and it is very hot in the house, so she sleeps outside.

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