Mission Trip Information

The direct impact that can be made on a mission trip can change the course of the lives of may people, most of all the people who vist Haiti with Level Project.

This next trip will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!

We are currently looking at March, 2020.

We will have 3 goals:

  • Finish the first-aid classes:
    Specifically teaching the older kids how and when to use the items in the first-aid kits we put together.
  • Get the kids ready for school:
    School will start a couple weeks after we are there and in order to help us save some money for the unexpected (which we actually expect), we would like to bring backpacks, school supplies, and shoes for all the kids.
  • Have a kids camp!!!!!!
    We will be setting up a 3-4 day camp for the kids to learn more about Jesus, worship, eat, and play games. We want the kids to have fun, and strengthen their foundation in Christ before school starts.

Haiti is a beautiful country, and we will be staying at an amazing local hotel right on the ocean. We will provide air, lodging, meals, water, and in-country transportation.

Total cost is $1950.00 for entire trip except a Haiti travel fee of $10.00 paid by each member individually at the airport. (Not included in total cost)

Please register below for the trip, and contact us if you have any questions.



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